A Good Death

Yong Nie had no papers, no contact with family – and one last wish.

This is a beautiful story published in The Australian on December 18, by journalist Kate Legge, about palliative care working at its best.

For 20 years Yong Nie dodged Australian authorities by lying low, staying out of trouble, earning cash in hand through odd jobs, sleeping rough and keeping to himself. But when he developed an aggressive cancer, the game was up.

Gaunt, jaundiced, his once dark hair streaked grey, the 68-year-old illegal immigrant turned up at the emergency department of Sydney’s St Vincent’s Hospital doubled in pain and fearing deportation. But instead of being thrown out, locked up and shipped off, he was welcomed by palliative care staff who took him in as one of our own….

The rest of the story is really worth reading. It is currently behind the publisher’s paywall. I will discuss copyright issues with them and post more of the story as soon as possible.

In the meantime, to gain access go to:


The palliative care staff who looked after Yong Nie

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