Tributes to parents

John Faine of ABC Melbourne interviewed Susan Wyndham, Margaret Rice and Chris Hall on 24 October, 2013. That interview is just as relevant today as it was three years ago.

Margaret Rice, Susan Wyndham and Chris Hall talk about grief.

Forum: Tributes To Parents

by John Standish, senior producer ABC Radio Melbourne

The death of a parent can be a time of great reflection. In this special talkback forum we hear your stories, reflections and tributes.

(Listen to the interview by hitting the link below)…/r1192377_15354723.mp3

Jon Faine’s guests in the studio are:

Susan Wyndham, the editor of (and contributor to) My Mother, My Father. She is an author and the Literary Editor of the Sydney Morning Herald.

Margaret Rice, who contributed a story to My Mother, My Father. Margaret is a journalist and writer with a special interest in medical and related social issues. She is writing a book inspired by the death of her mother.

Chris Hall, a psychologist who is the Director of the Australian Centre For Grief & Bereavement.

My Mother, My Father: on losing a parent

Edited by Susan Wyndham
(Allen & Unwin)

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